Hello! I’m Anna.

I really love designing book covers, but I design other stuff, too.

For the past two decades, I’ve been art directing and designing covers for all kinds of books—New York Times bestsellers, up-and-coming indies, erotica, horror, women’s literature, self-help, celebrity memoirs, new adult crossovers—pretty much every genre and category imaginable.

I spent the first 17 years of my career at Simon & Schuster, where I gained an intimate knowledge not only of the process of bringing a cover concept from its initial stages to print, but of cycles in book cover trends. I now work from home as a freelance book cover designer. S&S remain one of my biggest clients, but the flexibility of going it alone means I’m able to design book covers for a wider variety of authors—both through other publishing companies (big and small) as well as with authors who have decided to self-publish their work.

Before I became a book cover designer, I studied graphic design and book arts in a BFA program while working full time as a front-of-store merchandiser and bookseller for Borders Books. I know what catches a reader’s eye, and how to get the attention of a naturally curious audience. My love of books (and of reading!) runs deep and strong. I care about making the printed word—whether on paper or “printed” on a screen—look its best, and I believe in creating a beautiful, smart-looking package!

When I’m not designing book covers, I design other stuff: posters, album covers, product packaging, logos and identity suites, wedding invitations…whatever needs to look good! I’m also into hands-on home renovation and interior design (I have a blog called Door Sixteen where I write about all of that).

I’m based in New Mexico and New York, but I can design stuff for you no matter where you are.

How did I get here?

BFA / Purchase College, SUNY (1998)

I studied book arts and graphic design at the School of Art + Design. My professors included noted book artists Philip Zimmermann and Warren Lehrer, as well as master printmaker Antonio Frasconi.

Senior Designer, Simon & Schuster (1998–2015)

For 17 years, I designed countless book covers for Atria Books, Gallery Books, Pocket Books, and numerous other imprints. My art directors included Paolo Pepe, Jeanne Lee, Lisa Litwack, and Albert Tang.

Want to work with me?

Get in touch!     hello@annadorfman.com

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